“Blue Mountain State” movie in the works? It needs to happen

If you have never watched “Blue Mountain State” then you’re missing out.  If you’re not a tight ass about your comedy, you’ll most likely love BMS.  When I first started watching it, I was telling people to watch it because it’s a mix of Animal House and Varsity Blues.  BMS aired from 2010-2011, giving viewers 3 seasons.

BMS is about a fictional NCAA Division 1-A football team, Blue Mountain State Goats, on their quest for a National Championship.   Some of the things standing in their way:  Alcohol, Drug Tests, Women, and Grades.  It’s filled with plenty of memorable characters such as team captain and starting MLB, Thad Castle.  There’s the slacker back up QB, Alex Moran, who enjoys the benefit of being college  back up QB (getting drunk and partying with women without having the responsibility of having to worry about football).  Finally, the mascot, Sammy Cacciatore.  Dude’s got balls…

Anyways:  There are rumors that after nearly two years since the show did not get renewed for the 4th season, there is a movie in the works.  Actor Ed Marinaro, plays Coach Marty Daniels, told Class Act Sports:

“The series didn’t get renewed. We did three seasons. It’s still pretty popular and right now I am going to try and get it done as a movie. A ‘Blue Mountain State’ Movie. We have a lot of fans out there clamoring to see that. Hopefully by next year, we will be in the theaters. You are the first ones I have talked to exclusively about that.”

I would love to see BMS renew for another season.  Even though the main characters, Alex Moran and Thad Castle would have graduated on from BMS.  Castle has the potential to be drafted while, Moran, not so much.  Maybe taking a role as a backup QB in the pros (But it’s a repeat of the original season 1 plot).  Regardless, I’d love to see one last rage at The Goat House.

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2 thoughts on ““Blue Mountain State” movie in the works? It needs to happen

  1. Kevin says:

    Moran was a junior…castle was always a yr older. So Moran would still be I’m college smart guy.

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