“Blue Mountain State” movie in the works? It needs to happen

If you have never watched “Blue Mountain State” then you’re missing out.  If you’re not a tight ass about your comedy, you’ll most likely love BMS.  When I first started watching it, I was telling people to watch it because it’s a mix of Animal House and Varsity Blues.  BMS aired from 2010-2011, giving viewers 3 seasons.

BMS is about a fictional NCAA Division 1-A football team, Blue Mountain State Goats, on their quest for a National Championship.   Some of the things standing in their way:  Alcohol, Drug Tests, Women, and Grades.  It’s filled with plenty of memorable characters such as team captain and starting MLB, Thad Castle.  There’s the slacker back up QB, Alex Moran, who enjoys the benefit of being college  back up QB (getting drunk and partying with women without having the responsibility of having to worry about football).  Finally, the mascot, Sammy Cacciatore.  Dude’s got balls…

Anyways:  There are rumors that after nearly two years since the show did not get renewed for the 4th season, there is a movie in the works.  Actor Ed Marinaro, plays Coach Marty Daniels, told Class Act Sports:

“The series didn’t get renewed. We did three seasons. It’s still pretty popular and right now I am going to try and get it done as a movie. A ‘Blue Mountain State’ Movie. We have a lot of fans out there clamoring to see that. Hopefully by next year, we will be in the theaters. You are the first ones I have talked to exclusively about that.”

I would love to see BMS renew for another season.  Even though the main characters, Alex Moran and Thad Castle would have graduated on from BMS.  Castle has the potential to be drafted while, Moran, not so much.  Maybe taking a role as a backup QB in the pros (But it’s a repeat of the original season 1 plot).  Regardless, I’d love to see one last rage at The Goat House.

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37 thoughts on ““Blue Mountain State” movie in the works? It needs to happen

  1. Kevin says:

    Moran was a junior…castle was always a yr older. So Moran would still be I’m college smart guy.

    • joeypip says:

      Shit you’re right. No need for douche responses. Thaaaaaaanks

      • Chris Dempsey says:

        They could very easily just pick up right where they left off and tell it as Moran or Castle looking back on the Season as a player in college or even better telling the story as an old man to his kids or grand kids!

      • Still, Thad’s a HUGE part of the series, it wouldn’t be as funny without his hilarious antics. In season three, Moran had a great season, and there were hints that he would have a chance at being drafted, like when he had that one on one conversation with coach Daniels during his induction party. Also when he broke the BMS record for most touchdown passes.

      • joshy says:

        he aint being a bouche he just saying facts
        lil bitch just like I am

      • trey says:

        i thought he meant since 3 years will have past. it depends how you take it

    • JoeyBarreras says:

      You’re right. I thought the exact same thing. Not a douche response at all. If someone is gonna write an article, they should have the facts correct. But I hope to see both Castle and Moran in the movie as well.

    • Asa187 says:

      You sir, are a douche. And it wouldnt be the same without thad. Plus moran has the potential to be drafted, hes good, just lazy

    • Parker says:

      Well Moran was draft eligible, so what says he couldn’t forego his senior season for the draft like Thad intentionally wanted to?

  2. Caleb Parr says:

    Moran threw 7 td passes in one game… why does he have no chance of going pro? Remember he became the golden boy of bms! He was the star in season 3, not Castle.

  3. Magnus says:

    So it will be “BMS the movie” in 2O14? :-DD

  4. Marty Daniels says:

    kevin… are you kevin thad castle?

  5. DoucheFTW says:

    Isn’t the whole show about douches? As a fellow douche (Backed by popular demand), I’d have to agree with Kevin. Moran would be in college and you, sir (joeypip), are a dumbshit. GO BMS!

  6. John says:

    They could always write it like Thad did not have enough credits for graduation, or he could come back as a defensive coach. I just discovered this show last week on Netflix. I can’t believe how good this show is. I am definitely disappointed to find out it was canceled, damn shame.

  7. Dylan says:

    I loved and still love BMS GOATS FOR LIFE!!!!

  8. Giglemethis says:

    I wish!

  9. Logan says:

    In Moran’s junior year, he became the starter and broke school records, while getting most of the credit for the wins. If you were a die-hard BMS fan, you would know this. I think he had a shot at the NFL.

  10. Jason Marks says:


  11. No one says:

    Moran would be a senior. Thad would be graduated tho.

  12. I all the time used to study paragraph in news papers but now as I am a user of internet therefore from now I am using net for articles, thanks to web.

  13. Ricky says:

    Yea moran was a junior and castle was a senior and at the end alex was really Into football and was thinking of going pro. So they wld lose castle but moran wld still be there unless they make the movie about the championship over blackwell!!!!!

  14. Josh McBride says:

    seriously man..

  15. Josh McBride says:

    What would kick ass is if there was a blue mountain state movie and then a fourth season the following year, (assuming the movie would be successful, because if it is I’m sure they would find a way to do it.) I’m pumped though!

    “Whoever shoved their finger in Thad’s ass is a disgrace!”

  16. Hunter Frisbie says:

    Ummm Moran would be a senior in season 4 ( if it were to happen) Thad would be the one graduating not moran

  17. Afton says:

    Actually writer, alex would still have one more year. He and sammy were only juniors

  18. Stacia Davis says:

    I would so watch and buy that! Love the shows they never get old!

  19. Brian says:

    A friend just got me to watch this about two weeks ago, I just finished season 3 and was not aware that season 4 got the AX! THIS SUCKS!!!! This show is awesome! I would love to see the movie but would much rather see the show back on. ” He was a receiver and he was in my zone. Anybody who comes into my zone, gets laid out. That’s what I do! I LAY PEOPLE OUT!” I loved this fucking show, GO FIGURE!!!!

  20. Misty says:

    Depends on if Thad can get his nerds to his finals. There was that death penalty too. I hope it happens.

  21. Steven says:

    would also be cool to see them all get drafted into the NFL because coach daniels moves on after the allegations in season 3. then drafts his players in different rounds, so the players are all still there while sammy also moves up to NFL mascot

  22. Chris says:

    they would probably say that Thad was a red shirt his freshman year so he could play another season of football for BMS. if they made a movie or another season.

  23. gengson says:

    I go to john abbott college in Montreal, where they filmed the show and i have not seen any sign of filming. Every time i pass the goat house i tear a bit.

  24. fluabynuts says:


  25. Ryan murphy says:

    you turd bir

  26. xhxhahsh says:

    Thad should come back as a coach

  27. Kyle McCurdy says:

    Dude Moran would have had another year……Thad and Larry and them would have graduated Moran was only a jr. In season 3….

  28. Nick says:

    I love that show so much, and it sucked that such a great show could only end after 3 seasons. I even just donated $50 to the fundraiser. A movie would be a great addition , but a add-on season would be prime. Maybe ,even have thad and Alex on the same NFL team. (Or have Alex spending his last year at BMS). But this show will always and forever be my favorite.

  29. caesar says:

    Would of been nicer for another season not just a movie 😦

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